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CEO and Founder

Interpreter <> Translator

Immigration Consultant

Rodney Global Resources

Helping people is my passion. Seeing a problem and get to the solution is what I love to do. I believe every problem has a solution and a way of handling it. You will be treated as we would like and you should be treated. You are more than a customer to us at Elite, you are part of us, as the services that we offer changes lives, families and others forever in a positive way.

We provide a comprehensive multi-services at Rodney Global Resources. We strive to simplify and make it very convenient to attain maximum success in meeting your needs. We offer legal, medical and other types of language services. We have a team of experienced Interpreters and Translators who are able to assist you with your requests.

We will help you prepare your immigration application in the most convenient way possible. As long you can communicate with us we can help you in the best way possible. Often times the applications may seem very easy and straightforward to complete, however they can become unclear to average applicants who are unfamiliar with the process. We help you prepare most immigration forms and assisted you all the way to the end of the process. 

If at any point your case requires the assistance of an attorney, we will automatically refer you to one or advise you to get one of your choices.

We provide Interpretation and Translation services in the legal, medical and other area of needs you may have. 


Our company does not provide legal advice, nor it is a law firm or can be a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Also we are not part of USCIS, a sub-company or affiliated in any shape of forms with any government agency. We are a private company providing affordable and expedient immigration preparation services.

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